January 22nd, 2013
People don’t read ads.
They read what interests them.
Sometimes it’s an ad.
Howard Luck Gossage, San Francisco,1965
April 24th, 2012

A Real Mad Man – Andrew Cracknell

Last Thursday, the very lucky creative department at JWT had a little treat. At 5pm layout pads and marker pens were thrown down in exchange for an inspirational talk from advertising legend, Andrew Cracknell.

With over 40 years experience as Executive Creative Director at various successful agencies, Mr Cracknell started out as a copywriter (so if you ever come across this Andrew, please don’t prosecute me on my copy – as I’m a mere art director!). And now, with the publication of The Real Mad Men, author is yet another title he can add under his belt. We were shown great ads from the 50s and spoilt with an insight into advertising history – with juicy extracts from his book.

After such an inspirational presentation, I felt compared to do my own little list on what I wish we still had, and what I love that’s changed…

The 50’s had it right:

Personal bar in the office

The client believing we’re right

Don Draper (yes I know he’s not real – but he’s hot)

50s fashion and music

No stock images! (Actually, this one should be number 2…)

Thank god that changed:

Women as creatives (yeah, that’s right. We’re here to stay!!)

Teams being teams – art directors and copywriters working together creating ultimate ads

Technology constantly advancing and pushing advertising and ideas

Not being restricted to just TV and press


After the talk we were left with the reminder of why we’re in advertising and why we’ve worked our arse’s off to get here. Which, with the day-to-day bread and butter work we find ourselves doing, often makes you wonder!

So if you haven’t already delved into Andrew’s book – The Real Mad Men – what are you waiting for?